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Hotel La Ronda  
Hotel La Ronda  at Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus (click for details)
Starting at 51 USD
  Hotel La Ronda is near the historical center of Trinidad, the Caribbean’s museum-city. This hotel is under restoration at the moment.
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Villa Los Laureles 
Villa Los Laureles at Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus (click for details)
Starting at 31 USD
  Villa Los Laureles, this unique facility is located on outskirts of the city of Sancti Spíritus, where you will experience an ambiance of genteelness and good taste.
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Villa San Jose del Lago 
Villa San Jose del Lago at Yaguajay, Sancti Spiritus (click for details)
Starting at 18 USD
  Villa San Jose del Lago, located in Mayajigua, Sancti Spiritus, an amazing, beautiful unique nature, also providing thermal water treatments. Ideal for those who want to get away from tourist areas.
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Villa Isla de la Juventud  
Villa Isla de la Juventud  at Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud (click for details)
  In a peaceful environment this facility harmonizes with the pintoresque landscape. Located by Las Casas River, one kilometer from the city of Nueva Gerona. It has nearby places of interest like...
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Hotel Rancho del Tesoro 
Hotel Rancho del Tesoro at Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud (click for details)
Starting at 31 USD
  The Rancho El Tesoro Villa is located in a calm environment, very next to the city of Nueva Gerona
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Hotel Las Yagrumas  
Hotel Las Yagrumas   at San Antonio de los Baños, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 25 USD
  Hotel Las Yagrumas, 22 kilometers from Havana, an excellent spot to enjoy the marvels of Cuban nature, abundantly populated with local flora and fauna. The hotel is protected by the waters of the Ariguanabo River.
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Villa Loma  
Villa Loma  at Santa Cruz del Norte, Havana (click for details)
  This tourist complex located in the beach Jibacoa is the perfect place to spend a wonderful stay here in Cuba
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Hotel Caimanera 
Hotel Caimanera at Guantanamo, Guantanamo (click for details)
Starting at 22 USD
  Caimanera, located on top of a hill facing the huge Guantanamo Bay, this gorgeous hotel invites you to have a quiet vacation after months of hard work.
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  68 found !
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