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Hotel Laguna Grande 
Hotel Laguna Grande at Pinar del Rio, Pinar del Rio (click for details)
Starting at 24 USD
  On the bank of the artificial reservoir of the same name, in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. It is an ideal place for fishing in the lake; and hunting in the La Yana and El Limón game preserves.
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Hotel Florida 
Hotel Florida at Camaguey, Camaguey (click for details)
Starting at 18 USD
  Located in Florida, 39 km from Camaguey. The hunting reserve offers guides, freezing storage, licences, shotguns and cartridges. Seasons: October-March and July-August.
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Hotel Puerto Principe 
Hotel Puerto Principe at Camaguey, Camaguey (click for details)
Starting at 26 USD
  Hotel Puerto Principe, a budget hotel located in Camaguey City. From hotel you will find an easy access to all main historical points of interest of Camaguey, colonial buildings, and museums.
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Hotel Guantanamo 
Hotel Guantanamo at Guantanamo, Guantanamo (click for details)
Starting at 20 USD
  Hotel Guantanamo, located in the modern area of the city of Guantánamo, facing Marina Grajales Square.
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Hotel Miraflores 
Hotel Miraflores at Holguin, Holguin (click for details)
Starting at 26 USD
  Located in the city of Moa, a well-known nickel emporium, north of Holguín province. It is an appropriate hotel for trekking and enjoying nature. It is prodigal in rivers with picturesque cascades and plentiful forests of endemic flora.
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Hotel Guacanayabo 
Hotel Guacanayabo at Bayamo, Granma (click for details)
  A wide gamut of options include a trip to Cayo Perla, right in the Guanayabo Gulf; hiking will take you to one of Cuba’s most beautiful regions.
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Aparhotel Costazul 
Aparhotel Costazul at Villa Panamericana, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 45 USD
  Aparhotel Costazul, located just 5 minutes from the historical quarter of the city and 10 minutes from the eastern beaches, part of the Villa Panamericana, this hotel is ideal for groups of young people and serves as venue for sports, cultural, educational, political or social events.
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Hotel Vueltabajo 
Hotel Vueltabajo at Pinar del Rio, Pinar del Rio (click for details)
Starting at 42 USD
  Located in downtown Pinar del Río, surrounded by diverse historical and cultural attractions.
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  81 found !
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65-72 of 81

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