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Hotel Los Delfines 
Hotel Los Delfines at Varadero, Matanzas (click for details)
  One of Varadero Beach resorts’ most historically and internationally best-known hotels, located on the beach, in one of the most privileged areas of Varadero.
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Villa Tortuga  
Villa Tortuga  at Varadero, Matanzas (click for details)
Starting at 66 USD
  Located in a quiet part of Varadero beach, is a top-notch establishment that has all the comforts required for a peaceful vacation.
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Hotel club amigo tropical 
Hotel club amigo tropical at Varadero, Matanzas (click for details)
Starting at 101 USD
  It is well known for its personalized services, CHECK NEW 20% DISCOUNT PRICES UNTIL OCTOBER 31RST! FOR DBL AND SGL ROOMS.
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Hotel Playa Larga  
Hotel Playa Larga  at Peninsula de Zapata, Matanzas (click for details)
Starting at 45 USD
  Playa Larga is located deep in the Bay of Pigs, nestled between the beach and the forest. Good spot for diving and birdwatching.
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Hotel Kohly - El Bosque 
Hotel Kohly - El Bosque at Playa, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 53 USD
  Hotel El Bosque, it is the perfect hotel if you need central accommodation but peaceful surroundings.
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Hotel Florida 
Hotel Florida at Old Havana, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 102 USD
  Originally built in 1836 as the residence of a renowned and opulent businessman, the Florida became a hotel in 1885.
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Villa Cabañas Rio Cristal 
Villa Cabañas Rio Cristal at Boyeros, Havana (click for details)
  This tourist complex features several cozy cottages located within an environment of leafy trees and fresh air
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Hotel Saint Johns 
Hotel Saint Johns at Vedado, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 35 USD
  Hotel Saint John’sIn the heart of the Vedado district, right in the hustle and bustle of this exciting part of the city. Cinemas, nightlife nearby.
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  82 found !
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