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Hostal Conde de Villanueva 
Hostal Conde de Villanueva at Old Havana, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 102 USD
  Hotel Conde de Villanueva, a must for cigar lovers, it has one of Cuba’s best ’’Humidores’’. Colonial style interiors and pleasant service.
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Villa Mirador de Mayabe  
Villa Mirador de Mayabe  at Holguin, Holguin (click for details)
Starting at 26 USD
  Mirador de Mayabe, on the outskirts of the city of Holguín, on top of a hill, is the Mirador de Mayabe (Mayabe Vintage Point) built in an exceptional natural location, surrounded by lush indigenous wildlife.
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Hotel Panamericano  
Hotel Panamericano  at Villa Panamericana, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 36 USD
  Housing complex located to the east of Havana, by the fishing village of Cojímar which served as the setting for of Literature Nobel Laureate, American, Ernest Hemingway’s novel, The Old Man and the Sea.
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Villa Playa Hermosa  
Villa Playa Hermosa   at Playas del Este, Havana (click for details)
  In one of the beaches east of the capital. This hotel is NOT available, try hotels Atlantico and Tropicoco. Try new hotels in ...
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Hotel Triton 
Hotel Triton at Playa, Havana (click for details)
Starting at 44 USD
  Hotel Triton is part of the complex Neptuno - Triton. Built on the litoral, in a commercial and residential area known as Miramar.
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Hotel Club Santa Lucia  
Hotel Club Santa Lucia  at Santa Lucia, Camaguey (click for details)
  This resort forms part of the group and hotels and restaurants of this destination. Ideal for individual tourism, couples and families.
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Hotel Oasis  
Hotel Oasis  at Varadero, Matanzas (click for details)
Starting at 44 USD
  Located right where the beach begins in Varadero, with sober elegance, the hotel facility that best represents traditional Varadero.
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Hotel Acuazul 
Hotel Acuazul at Varadero, Matanzas (click for details)
Starting at 22 USD
  Easy access to all of Varadero’s amenities in Varadero beach, ideal spot for those who subscribe to the vacationer’s golden rule of not wasting a single second of their trip.
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  82 found !
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