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Carretera La Plata, Km 16, Bartolomé Masó. Santo Domingo. Granma. Cuba

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Villa Santo Domingo Granma Cuba

Villa Santo Domingo Granma Cuba Description: Villa Santo Domingo Granma Cuba, high in the Sierra Maestra mountains is a picturesque tourist villa promising a pleasant stay to all visitors: Villa Santo Domingo Granma Cuba. Situated along the Yara River, from its cabanas it is possible to hear the rushing of the river and the melodious chirping of birds. You can enjoy mule and horseback riding, hikes and walks along trails of historical and natural interest and beauty. Santo Domingo is also the venue of lively guateques, (Cuban countryside fiestas) where the typical music of the region enraptures its listeners. To witness the traditions, way of life and customs of the farmers living in Cuba’s eastern mountains is an extraordinary experience. Coffee growing represents the area’s main activity. Visitors can trek along the banks of the Yara River or they can hike the Pico Real del Turquino the highest point in Cuba, 1,974 meters above sea level, accompanied by specialized guides. It is interesting to include in your tour: strolling the trails or hiking to Pozo de Lola, Lomo del Espejo, Santo Domingo-Marea del Portillo, Casa Piedra and Santo Domingo-Pico Turquino, a visit to the Lucas Castillo Museum and an excursion to the General Headquarters of La Plata. 20 air-conditioned cabanas with private bath, TV, mini-bar, restaurant, bar, grill, games room, video room, shop, laundry, central security box and parking. Visit new built Valentin Perla Blanca hotel in Cayo Santa Maria.

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Star Rates (USD) : From   $29  to  $42 (based on double occupancy)

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